Saturday, March 31, 2012

Entry Level

Everything that you begin has an entry level position or starting point.  You do not become a supervisor first - you have to start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up. You do not get the top position until you have paid the price and earned your promotion. You do not begin a race at the finish line nor do you get to claim the trophy before you compete. In all things - we have to start or enter into our task at an entry level if we are to progress and advance along the intended path.
Jesus began His entry into Glory as He walked towards Jerusalem with His disciples. Is there any way that you or I can imagine what happened or what was discussed as they walked into the face of danger? As we prepare for the beginning of Holy Week and Jesus' walk along the path where He would meet those who would wave palms and shout cheers - what sort of walk are we taking in these last days of Lent? Have we prayed and fasted and given enough alms - have we sat in quiet in the Adoration chapel and pondered all that Jesus experienced for us - have we done what we were suppose to do? This coming week is the week that draws each of us into the Passion of Christ - this week all of us begin at the entry level.

Deacon Dale