Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jesus Visits

As you wake up in the morning, is it your custom to growl and grumble about morning coming so quickly - or do you immediately thank and praise God for another day and a chance to accomplish whatever is set before you in the new day?  As I get older,  I thank God for another day of life each morning and I ask Him to help me make my efforts that day worthy of His gift of that extra day.  Maybe I can appreciate each day of life more than others as I had a twin brother who was born to eternal life about 18 months ago and that is a constant reminder that each day of life is a gift from He who created me.  In a matter of seconds I begin my first visit with Jesus for the day.  I return to visit Jesus for the second time when I do Lauds (Morning Prayer) a bit later.

Then, throughout the day I dot my day with prayer and - whether it is a very brief visit or a longer one - I continually visit Jesus in my thoughts and words.  A lengthy visit happens in the early evening as I do Vespers (Evening Prayer).  As a deacon this is expected of me - I am after all a Man of Prayer.  I was initially instructed by Bishop Raymond Vonesh very early in my formation as a deacon, along with my fellow classmates, that we were to first and foremost be Men of Prayer. 

All faithful Catholics should dot their days with prayer - with mini Jesus visits throughout the day in praise and thanksgiving and petition.  In Luke 18:1 - Jesus reminded his disciples to pray always and not lose heart - just as He instructed the Twelve - so He instructs each of us in this day and age to do the same.  Jesus calls us to visit Him often with both long and mini visits.  He encourages us - particularly as we travel through these forty days of Lent - to stay firm in our prayers.  As He remains close to each of us - we are called to stay close to Him.

Deacon Dale