Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prayer Closet

Quite often when talking about improving a person's prayer life the term "prayer closet" is used. Do you understand what that means?  Figuratively it means finding a place to pray where you can focus on prayer and not be disturbed by anyone or anything. When we pray we need to be able to quiet ourselves - to calm down those busy thoughts that occupy our mind about all the little things that happen in the course of an average day - the laundry - taking the kids to school - our exercise class - meetings - and so on.  As we try to quiet ourselves we realize how busy our minds are with all these other thoughts. Getting to a place of quiet is very difficult for some and quite easy for others. 

Years ago I knew a couple who found that to be able to focus on their prayer life they had to physically go into their prayer closet which was an actual closet!  It seems that the apartment they lived in had an unusual closet that was triangular in shape. Their clothes hung on a rod at the front of the closet which left a sizable space in the back part of the triangle - enough room for an adult to slip in there with a flashlight.  This became their prayer closet and in that space they would meditate - journal - and pray.  It worked very well for them as their apartment was small and there was no other way to get away by themselves for some quiet prayer time.

Each of us needs to locate our own prayer closet whether it is an actual room or simply a place at home or in church or at a park - where we can be quiet and spend quality time talking and listening to God.  Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God" - challenges us - in our prayer closet and in our hearts.

Deacon Dale