Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Wearing O' the Green

Happy Saint Patrick Day!  What a blessing - in the midst of Lent we can pause - change our color from purple to green and celebrate one of the most famous saints!  You do not have to be Irish to celebrate this day, but it helps!  A few years back my wife and I visited Ireland and we had to look high and low and get out of the tourist area before we found a true Irishman who spoke with a legitimate Irish brogue.  He informed us that in Dublin they did not celebrate St. Patrick Day - no he said they celebrate an entire week!

With that thought in mind we are reminded that whenever we do anything worth doing - we need to keep doing it over and over again until we have it perfected. Just as green reminds us of the evergreen and the fact that it is green all year round - we too need to be as constant as that in our prayer life. In Lent - celebrating a great saint - or just staying connected with God - the answer is constancy

Deacon Dale