Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whipping Boy

Have you ever felt like the entire world was set against you? You wake up expecting the best out of the day and from there it just goes down hill. The tube of toothpaste is empty, the battery on your cordless shaver just died and there is no hot water for your morning shower. Then after you are all dressed and almost ready to leave you notice a) a button missing b) a stain on your shirt or blouse or c) you can't find your car keys.  You stop for coffee - simple enough "black please" and as you drive off and take your first sip - you are surprised with cream and sugar! At the job - well you get the point - one thing after another  just keeps making a bad day worse until finally you end up being on the end of a brutal attack by your a) boss b) co-worker c) spouse for something that you had no involvement in at all - you are completely innocent but for whatever reason you had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the right time.  Having a miserable day filled with miserable events is bad enough - but when you are innocent and become somebody's whipping boy - that is just completely unjust!

That had to be the way Jesus felt as He was led around by the soldiers and mocked, ridiculed, whipped and spat upon. To be put on trial for all the wrong reasons - to be blamed for all the wrong things - how do you suppose Jesus felt? And where was His moral support - where did His disciples all disappear to - where was everybody when He was at the lowest point in His life?  Oh, but He is God He could take it - really?  Is that really the way it should be? When is it justified that any innocent person should be made to suffer for what others have done. And yet this is exactly what Jesus experienced - a bad day gone from bad to worse - from abuse and ridicule to crucifixion!  It is hard to imagine that anyone would have to endure this - and yet - if asked to do it all over again - Jesus would!  He loves you and me that much!

Deacon Dale