Friday, March 2, 2012

The Truth Be Told

This Friday evening as we head to church to participate in the Stations of the Cross - we take a step back from the day and all the activities of the day to pause and relax.  We need a few moments out of our day to help us prepare for this evening's Lenten exercise.  

Once we arrive at church and Stations begin - things will go fairly rapidly as we pray, pause and reflect on each Station and the events that surrounded each Station.  We ask ourselves who could do such a thing to any man - who  could be so cruel - so violent - so evil?  As we pray the prayers and listen to the reflections we realize that it is our sins, both historical and present and future, that provided the metal of those nails.  It was our lack of faith and trust - our selfishness - our hatred - our own evil that caused things to happen to Jesus.  

Even in this day and age we add metal to those nails - we add fuel to the fire that molded that metal into nails - we continue our sins - without thought - without remorse.  As we ask how such a thing as the Stations could have ever happened in the first place we need to look into the mirror  and accept responsibility for what we have done and what we have failed to do - Truth be Told.

Deacon Dale