Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dead Wood

Have you ever been in a group or team where one or more of the group add no value to the project or activity? Besides dragging down the momentum establish by those who are actively participating, they often exude negative energy and after time begin to affect the positive energy of the entire group. Slowly the momentum stagnates and the group either has to "cut" those who are not being active participants or they lose all energy and the project experiences a slow and agonizing death. Worse yet if you were  that participant who was considered "dead wood" and you were guilty of ruining the event. Why do we allow this to happen - not only in others - but in ourselves? What is it that drains our energies and we become apathetic and listless? The most common and simplest answer is burnout - over involvement-  to the level that nothing peaks any desire to participate much less excel. Very sad - and even worse - when that applies to our prayer life. Going from an ordinary, active prayer life to a non existent one is unbelievably sad.

Thank God that He - above all else - is very patient with us.  For God knows that when we appear dead to ourselves and others - there is still hope - there is still life - in all of us. He knows us so well that He waits patiently - not forcing Himself into our lives. He knows that when the tree appears dead to the world - that its strong roots will bring forth new life and new growth come the Spring rains. He knows that we - like the tree- need only to be watered by His Love - by His Holy Spirit - by the warming rays of His Son - and in time we will sprout and burst forth in prayers to Him. In this Lent when you are feeling that you are walking through a dry spell - through a desert of emptiness - know that Jesus walks with you.

Deacon Dale