Sunday, March 18, 2012

Born Again

There - I said it!  "Born Again" are two of the most feared words in the Christian vocabulary. What is it that causes so much concern in people when they hear those words?  Is it because they have encountered someone who has had a born again experience and have become much more zealous about their faith than most people?  Is it because they walk around with their Bibles tucked under their arms with a holier than thou attitude?  Or is it because you just don't understand what being born again is all about and others have warned you to avoid anyone who claims to be born again.

In today's' Gospel Jesus is talking with Nicodemus and he is the one who asked Jesus how a man could be born again.  He wondered if it was possible for a person to re-enter their mother's womb and be born over a second time.  Of course that is not what Jesus was talking about.  No - He was stating the fact that each of us must have a spiritual re-birth and Jesus has to be born into our hearts, minds and souls so that we can share eternal life with Him.  We are at the half-way mark in Lent and the goal for each of us should be seeking a newness of spiritual life - to have Christ born again in us - to experience Jesus in a new way that affirms and encourages us as we walk the Lenten path to Calvary and the Victory of Christ over sin and death.  All of us have been placed on this path - now we need to look and see - how far have we progressed?

Deacon Dale