Saturday, March 3, 2012

Electronic Prayers

Here is a quick tip for those with an iPad or iPhone.  If you are interested in praying the official prayers of the Church - you can download those prayers to your iPhone and iPad now for free. Simply go to or click this link
and click the link on the left side of that page to download the app.

Once installed on your device you can download up to a full week of official prayers. On the home page press the gear icon and download your prayers.  Then you can select your day and it will bring up the screen for iBrevairy. Press "pray" then select Breviary, then whichever prayer you wish for that day.  The Office of Readings is normally done by priests and deacons. Lauds is Morning Prayer - Daytime Prayers (is obvious) - Vespers is Evening Prayer - Compline is Night Prayer.  It is an easy app to use and eliminates the famous "page turning" that has to be done when using the official prayer books. 

For those with Android devices  your app is to the right of the iPhone app on the iBreviary home page.  It does not function quite as well as the iPhone but they have an upgrade coming that will fix those issues (hopefully soon)

Once you try it you will be glad you did! Happy Praying!

Deacon Dale