Thursday, March 22, 2012

White Castle

In the Midwest when somebody mentions White Castle you would most likely think of the hamburger chain that specializes in "sliders".  That would be expected since food is probably one topic or thought that is at the top of most people's minds throughout the day. It starts with morning coffee progresses to mid-morning snacks and then finally lunch. Considering that most people tend to burn their candles at both ends - fast food and food that seems to "slide" right down are the first choice for many. We think nothing about how quickly we consume our lunch  - it just seems to be a part of our lives. Years ago when I was just out of college, I got a call from my twin one day who was laughing his head off. When I asked him what was going on he mentioned to me that he knew he ate his lunch very quickly as he ate on the run while still working. So on that particular day he decided to time how long it took him to eat his hamburger.  Thirty seconds! Thirty seconds - he laughed - he claimed to have perfected the 30 second lunch.

And not much has changed in the forty-two years since that phone call.  We still gulp our lunches and rush on to the next client or immediately turn our attention to the next task at work. How many of us treat our prayer life like we teat our lunch "hours".  How many of us claim to spend quality time with God in our prayer lives and yet in reality we give God no more time than it takes to gulp down a "slider"?  Perhaps in these days of Lent we can reconsider how we consume our spiritual food and give God the time He deserves.  I know it may be hard to "swallow" but taking time to speak and listen to God will be an early Easter gift to all of us!

Deacon Dale