Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Laundry Day

That dreaded laundry day - the one day of the week when you gather all the clothes that need washing, drying and ironing and then devote the majority of your day doing exactly that.. Of course in my house we have the pleasure of two laundry days - oh joy!  

Actually it is not really that bad - but the thought of all the work that goes into doing the laundry can be daunting for some.  First you have to stop and collect all the dirty clothes; then the sorting - the whites - the darks - the reds and if you are really diligent then you sort by fabric - sturdy cotton - delicate nylon and silks.  Then you start the process of washing - drying - folding and ironing.  In the end it is worth it because clothing that was wrinkled and soiled is now as good as new!

Lent is sort of like doing laundry.  In Lent we want to examine our lives and see where we can improve and become new again.  So we have to first gather our thoughts and review our lives - then sort - then process.  We look at the minor faults versus major faults (if any) and how they affect our lives.  We sort out the black and white issues - the immediate and those that can be processed later.  Once we focus our attention on those and deal with them and make changes - we can iron out our issues and then put them away where they belong.  We wash ourselves clean - just as we wash our clothes.

As we inspect the issues in our lives and relationships we see how God is working in us. We pray - we reflect - we do penance - we heal.  Throughout our lives God has always been there - even when we did not know it.  Today and tomorrow God is waiting - Jesus is stretching out His loving arms - calling you - to do laundry.

Deacon Dale