Monday, March 5, 2012

Dynamic View

Have you noticed how modern computer capabilities allow users to present photographs in new and interesting ways?  Just browse the internet and you can see some awesome and inspiring examples. 

Some things - like photography - seems to be a natural for modern enhancements.  But what about others?  Is there a new way to present the Gospel message of Jesus in new and fresh ways?  Sure there are.  We have the same capabilities as others - it is more a matter of what is in good taste and what is not - when it comes to religion. It also depends on the audience - my sons would be very open to new ways to visualize and present the Gospel and yet others - more likely older - would find this not respectful.  I guess that I have not hit that age barrier yet as I tend to be more like my sons - open to new ways of bringing the Gospel message to seekers.  

Jesus did the same thing when He was alive and spreading the Good News.  Although He didn't have the benefit of modern technology - He did perform many miracles - which had the same affect.  Do something that has never been seen and you will attract attention. That is exactly what Jesus did - He attracted attention and got a lot of people to stop what they were doing and listen to Him.

Today as we continue our Lenten journey - Jesus asks all of us to stop - to be amazed at what He has done and to listen to His message of love and forgiveness with new and open ears and hearts.  He ask us to see Him in our lives and His Dynamic View.

Deacon Dale