Friday, March 9, 2012


Driving a vehicle and talking on a cell phone at the same time is an accident waiting to happen.  One argument against banning cell phone use while driving is that it is no worse than having a conversation with a passenger.  Well yes and no - when talking with a passenger both arms are free to turn the wheel, your ear is not obstructed, nor is your vision impaired and if you pause in mid-sentence - your passenger knows why and doesn't demand a response from you because you went silent.   

In reality there are a lot of things that distract us while driving - even driving itself. Often erratic driving by others (even on a divided highway going the opposite direction) may distract us from properly operating our own vehicle.

The solution is to focus - to focus on what you are doing - where you are - who is around you - what else is going on in and outside your vehicle.  Focus on doing the right thing at the right time and if that means not using your cell phone then do not use it or if it means using a Bluetooth device so your hands can be free, then use it.

Focus is not only very important when driving but also when you are trying to talk to God.  If you begin a prayer conversation with the Almighty and then are interrupted by someone or something you run the risk of not giving yourself or God the time needed to develop and hold a serious conversation.  Prayer cannot and should not be hit and miss - here and there. Prayer is meant to be here and now - exclusive between me and thee and nothing else in between.  When we seek God in prayer we need to go to a quiet place where we can avoid distractions - to our prayer closet and in the darkness of our lives we quietly sit in God's presence and communicate with Him.  We need nothing else - no friends - no food - no drinks - no Bluetooth - just ourselves and God. Try it you might like it!

Deacon Dale