Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shining Light

Have you ever sat in wonder at a stage show or concert when the featured performer stood stage middle and the main spotlight was turned upon them?  Although they were spot lighted and visible to everyone in attendance - that performer was most likely blinded and unable to see anyone.  The center of attention and yet blind to the moment.  

Maybe that is how Peter felt when Jesus was transfigured before his eyes and His Glory lit up the air like a high power spot light.  Jesus revealed in all His Glory to Peter, James and John - a real "eye opener" so to say.  What would you have said?  Would you have been even less eloquent than Peter?

That happens to all of us.  We desperately seek the Divine - we beg God to reveal Himself to us and then when He does - we go blank - we become speechless.  We think we know how we would handle the moment - we play out various scenarios to prepare us for that moment and then we go blank.  We get to experience an awesome moment and then poof - it's gone.  As we search ourselves this Lent so many of us are desperately seeking a special experience - a special connection with Jesus.  

We still have plenty of time left in Lent to accomplish our goal and thus we must remember that patience is a virtue and that we must be willing to wait on God as He has been waiting on us.  The days of Lent may feel like they are passing too quickly - but if we keep our eyes and ears - our hearts and minds open to God - we may see Him reveal Himself - maybe in a Shining Light.

Deacon Dale