Thursday, March 8, 2012

Instruction Manual

Almost every product that we purchase today comes with some sort of instruction.  There are technical specifications, instruction manuals (in multiple languages), parts list (really reassuring on a brand new item), and the last minute - "read this before" - before you read anything else or use the product or plug it in or fill it up or whatever you would have done before you bothered to read any of the included literature.

Any responsible manufacturer will always include this type of material in with your purchase so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit of your purchase with the utmost safety.  

Unfortunately for us and our parents - we do not come with an instruction manual nor safety warnings! Our parents welcome us into this world not knowing what to expect from their little bundle of joy. There is no schedule - can you say 3:00am feedings - or when we will sleep though the night - when we will start teething or any other significant life event. We come as we are born - naked to the world with no instructions but tons of expectations!  Before we can walk we are already dancers and firefighters and policemen and doctors.  If we are born into a Christian family our parents have already set us on God's path in selecting a good Christian name and are planning our christening even before we are born. Grandmother is making plans for our first communion and grandpa is thinking ahead to confirmation when he will stand at your side as the bishop anoints you with Sacred Chrism.

And then life is thrust upon us and before we know it we are expected to be making decisions on how to live a proper Christian life.  At this point you probably need to scream help!  And for us who have the gift of being born into good Christian families, we discover our personal instruction manual on how to cope with life and all that it entails.  It is called the Bible and a better guide on how to live a good life will never be written.  Perhaps today is a good day to pick up your Bible and see what it has to say about living a good Lent.

Deacon Dale