Monday, March 12, 2012


It is only natural that we who are in ministry reach out to others.  There are many ways we do this - our friendly nature - our smiles - our accepting words.  Whenever we have the opportunity to preach or teach, we always make a concerned effort to include everyone into our focus.  In our efforts to reach as many people as possible we even invest our time into such things as blogs, such as the one I write.  I find it interesting that when I take the time to review the statistics of this blog and who is reading it - there is always a good number of people from Russia and Poland who have visited this blog. Now I do have friends in Poland but none in Russia and to my knowledge none of them even know about my blog - so I wonder - who is reading this blog and what do they think.  I would be interested in getting comments from these readers just to share with everyone who read this blog - why or how they found this blog and their thoughts.

For all of us as we continue our own walks during Lent - each and everyone can stop and ask themselves - who is watching me and "reading" my actions.  Am I living a good Christian lifestyle and do I reflect that in my actions and thoughts and words.  What silent "homily" am I preaching by how I act and react to life's challenges.  Am I truly living a lifestyle worthy of a modern day disciple or do I only give lip service to the Christ that I worship.  Do I do what I have been asked to do - do I live and breathe the Gospel message of Jesus - what is my focus and do I make a serious effort to touch others - to reach out and share the gift of peace that Jesus offers to all - am I honestly living a good Lent?

Deacon Dale