Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back In The Saddle

Years ago - more than I like to think - we owned horses - an appaloosa for me - a pinto for my wife - and a Shetland pony and a small mixed breed pony. Every day we mucked the stalls - feed the horses and ponies - shoveled manure - brushed and groomed them - on occasion - rode  them. Those were good days - good memories. Last week - while my son and daughter-in-law and grandson visited us in Arizona - we went horse riding - the first time for my grandson. Everyone had a great time - everyone - casual riders - did well - stayed in the saddle - none fell off their horse.  Afterwards - my legs - killing me - not as limber as when I was younger - not as flexible.  My legs spoke to me - for days - telling me - I am out of shape - no longer a young horseman. 

Returning to church - after an extended absence - as a Catholic - similar to riding a horse. The Catholic Church - moves slowly to make changes - an absence of years - hardly noticeable by most - lack in regular attendance - return to Holy Mass - back in the saddle - an easy adjustment. No major pains - no major adjustments - faces different - songs similar - Scripture unchanged - same old - same old. Jesus welcomes all - regular worshipers - casual Christians - to visit Him - often - the empty saddle - waiting for you.

Deacon Dale