Friday, April 17, 2015

Barking Buddies

There is a discussion currently going on in our community in Arizona in regards to dogs - people who own dogs - dogs who bark - people who allow their dogs to bark - telling dogs not to bark. Just as any other animal - including humans - needs to communicate - so do dogs. Dogs need to tell us when they are hungry - need to go outside - when danger is approaching - when the neighborhood cat is trespassing - among other important things. Dogs bark - at - to - other dogs - cats - birds - people. Depending on the tone - intensity - we know if they are welcoming or threatening. It is completely natural for a dog to bark - yet some - usually people with too much time on their hands - complain about dogs who bark. I am sure there is an occasional midnight howler who disrupts some body's sleep - but in my opinion - the exception - not the rule. Tolerance - is called for by all - especially those who do not have dogs in their home.

That is one of the most important things that Jesus tried to get across to the people - tolerance - acceptance - not throwing stones - building bridges instead. He never promised a rose garden - but declared it a possibility - if we would become more Christ like. It is not only our actions - also our reactions - that determine the person we will be - the effect we will have - in - on - our neighbors. Jesus asks all to walk proudly - but speak - with a tolerant bark.

Deacon Dale