Sunday, April 12, 2015

Divine Mercy

Mercy - the lenient or compassionate treatment of a person - group - community. When God is the One showing mercy - Divine Mercy - divine treatment. Today the Church celebrates - Divine Mercy Sunday - a day proclaimed by Saint Pope John Paul II on the Second Sunday of Easter in 2000 - the same day He elevated Sister Faustina Kowlaska to sainthood. In the last fifteen years the Divine Mercy devotion has grown immensely in the Catholic and some Anglican communities. Praying to God - praising Him for His unbelievable Mercy - thanking Him for prayers answered.

When Jesus walked this Earth - He shared with the people God's Good News - His love - His forgiveness - His healing - His reconciliation - His Mercy. It is hard to believe that His message was rejected by many - ignored - laughed at. To those who did believe - to those through the ages - to those who today still trust in Jesus' message - blessing upon blessing. To all who have accepted Jesus as their personal savour - to all who call God their Father - grace has been given - received - enjoyed. On this Divine Mercy Sunday of 2015 - each of us offers to Him - our faith - our belief -  Jesus I trust in you.

Deacon Dale