Thursday, April 9, 2015

Black is White - White is Black

I am in the process of erecting a fence around my swimming pool equipment - to protect from the elements - to soften the noise - to create a more appealing view around the pool. As part of this project - after installing the poles and connecting lumber - we painted with a white primer - then applied a black finish coat. That got me to thinking about about my physics classes and how light is reflected and refracted. To make this easy - objects either absorb certain colors of the spectrum or they reflect certain colors of the spectrum. In other words when an object appears red - it is reflecting the red color back to your eyes and not absorbing that particular color - so what we see as red is really not red at all. With that in mind - we note that white contains all the colors of the spectrum while black is the absence of all colors - when you see a white object you are seeing all the colors reflected back to your eyes  - appearing white - when you see black - no light is being reflected to your eyes - so an object that appears white has no color and therefore is black and the object that appears black has absorbed all colors and reflects no color back - thus the object is white. Thus black is white and white is black. 

Understanding Jesus - God - is easier than understanding the physics of black and white color and for most people is as clear as - black and white. God is the supreme being - the center of our lives - the reason we exist - without God nothing exists - and all exists in God. Jesus is the human manifestation of God - the Son - who with the Holy Spirit makes up the Holy Trinity - three persons - three manifestations - of the One triune God. It is to God that we owe our devotion for all that God is - has done - will do - in our lives. There is no reason to question God's existence - it is as clear as - black and white.

Deacon Dale