Friday, April 10, 2015

It Is Done

It is done - words to bring a smile to any one's face - involved in a long project - composing a musical score - writing a play - filing their taxes. Nothing is sweeter than speaking those three words - it is done. Shout for joy - throw hands in  the air - break out in dance - swing your partner - child around the room - it is done!  A sigh of relief - the tension gone - a sense of accomplishment - relief.  We have all been there - done that - everyone understands the concept - the feeling of relief - the absence of pressure - life looking good again.

When Jesus exclaimed - it is done - finished - sacrifice completed - stress gone - peace following. The difference between Jesus and ourselves - He was giving up His life - not a project. His suffering on the cross - over - ended - completed. As much as we enjoy the relief of stress being eliminated from our lives - Jesus could only enjoy the approval of His Father - the obedient Son - salvation guaranteed for the lost. When we contemplate all Jesus did for us - in this Easter season - we proclaim with sincerity - it is done.

Deacon Dale