Thursday, April 23, 2015


Waiting is very much under rated - it builds character - provides time for other things - balancing your checkbook - following up on Twitter - Facebook posts - verifying your winning lottery numbers. In truth - nobody likes to wait - for anything. We are impatient - seeking instant answers - immediate results. Waiting stops forward movement - it is the boulder in a roadblock. While it may - at times - prove beneficial - most people are not big fans of waiting.
Jesus told His disciples that He would return - take them to His Father's house - to a place filled with peace and harmony. For most - still waiting - still seeking - that final gift. The issue has to do with the concept of time - God's time is not our time - one day with God - like a thousand days in our lives - a minute - like a lifetime   God has promised - God will honor that promise - in the meantime - we need to learn patience - we need to learn how to wait - the value of waiting. For true believe we know it will happen - in God's time - for now - we encourage you to just wait - a minute.

Deacon Dale