Wednesday, April 15, 2015


In an effort to learn more about the native inhabitants of Arizona we visited the Gila River Indian Community HuHuGam Heritage center in Chandler, Arizona. This site is a repository for photographs - oral histories - historical documents and artifacts - relating to the pre-historic Huhugam and the Akimel O'odham - Pima - and Pee Posh - Maricopa - Native peoples.  The building sits by itself in the Arizona desert just off the I-10 highway. In photos and artifacts the story of  these people is told - how they went from a thriving community - to a struggling group - because of the diversion of the Gila River and their precious water supply.  Like many communities that suffered changes - due to development - housing projects - new people with modern methods - the natives had to cope with a quickly changing environment.  In the community where our Arizona house is located - the natives - those here for ten or more years - constantly comment - complain - about changes to the people - businesses - moving into the community - making changes. Nobody likes development that changes the way one lives.

Jesus found out first hand - people do not like change - happy with the status quo - even when it is not healthy - bad for them. Many preferred that He leave well enough alone - they were comfortable as was - with taxes - being ruled by others - being pushed around. He told them life could be better - they didn't want it. He told them they had a Father in heaven that loved them - they rejected the concept. Much of what He shared with them - they did not want. Same old - same old - comfortable - even with low quality of life - happy to not - rock the boat - become invisible - leave well enough alone. Jesus offered so much more - their life - back as intended - their heritage - as the promised people. Today He still makes the same offer - to you - to me - take what has been offered freely by His Father - take what is rightfully yours - accept His salvation - your heritage.

Deacon Dale