Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Writer's Block

Writer's Block - the feared enemy of anyone who writes for a living - that stuck in the mud - cannot get anywhere - brain dead - desperately seeking inspiration - my God what is happening to me - feeling. We have all been there - writers - authors - public speakers - priests - deacons - pastors - bloggers - everyone who communicates with others on a daily basis. Using material from someone else - not appreciated - criticized - unethical. Frustrating - does not even touch it - hard to explain to others - words cannot describe. With over 525 posts to date one would never guess that I would be at a loss for words - especially those who know me well - who can talk for hours - about almost anything. Truth be told - words are worthless - unless they are heard - digested - appreciated - consumed with interest - move another to action - educate - inform - inspire.

When Jesus spoke - people listened - reacted to His message - hearts were moved - motivated - to improve their lives - lives of people around them. Not all were motivated for good - a few - maybe many - hostile to His message - fearing condemnation of their own lives - actions. Even today - not all are inspired - not all react positively to the Good News - some mock - make little - of God and His love for mankind. In spite of this - God - every day - sends His messengers - His ministers out to proclaim the Good News. To those of us who have been called to serve - ordained or not - we are the mouths that speak His truth - we are the hands that type His words - we are the ones - to carry on the works of Jesus. With Holy Scripture - no writer's block - the Word - clearly laid before us - our one task - to share the Good News - with all we meet. 

Deacon Dale