Monday, April 13, 2015

Holy Year of Mercy

Having just celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday - it is only fitting that we focus today on the Holy Year of Mercy - proclaimed by Pope Francis this past March - in which he announced that he is convoking a jubilee year to be called the Holy Year of Mercy. The year officially begins December 8, 2015 - a special year - a jubilee year - to receive blessing and pardon from God and remission of sins. Typically jubilee years are called every twenty-five or fifty years and on occasion also called on special jubilees years - the last jubilee year was held in 2000 - declared by Saint Pope John Paul II. The jubilee year will close on November 20, 2016 - the feast of Christ the King.

Those who have experienced God's Divine Mercy - celebrate His Mercy daily in their lives - a normal part of their life. Their obligation - to share their stories - how God acted in their life - their experience of Mercy - His Divine intervention.  This celebration should be an integral part of every one's daily life - not only on one day or in one year. Jesus has shared all with all - not all respond - but all should. As a committed Christian - we who have shared this gift - called to proclaim daily - in our lives - in others - God's Divine Mercy.

Deacon Dale