Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Third Day

Today - Holy Saturday - the Third Day - confusing for many who do not understand how we connect Holy Saturday with "rising on the third day". In the time of Jesus the day ended at sundown - work stopped - daily chores completed - the last meal of the day finished. Somewhere in the darkness of one day and sunrise of the next the new day began - thus on Holy Thursday at dusk - the Last Supper - in the dark - Jesus betrayed - His Passion began - in the darkness of Holy Thursday began the first day - and on that day - trial - condemnation - rejection - crucifixion - laid in the tomb - in the darkness began the second day - a day of mourning - a day of prayer - a day of lost hope - a day of laying in the tomb - in the darkness began the third day - sunrise - resurrection - meeting the women - Easter Glory - the Good News - joy - hope - reclaimed. Today we count the days differently - counting as they did in the time of Jesus - makes complete sense.

As we walk through this Holy Saturday - we celebrate the preparation Rites - the Blessing of Easter food to be enjoyed Sunday - Easter Sunday - the final Rite of the Elect - called to profess their faith this morning - last minute instructions for the Vigil tonight - at dusk - in the early twilight - the beginning of the Easter Vigil - the Mother of all Vigils - the Holiest Mass to be celebrated in the entire year - the litany of readings and psalms - the prayers - litany of saints - the reception - baptism - confirmation - First Eucharist - all in preparation for Easter Sunday - the Third Day.  Jesus welcomes all - saints - sinners - believers - unbelievers - His heart has room for all - for you.

Deacon Dale