Thursday, April 16, 2015


Rations - fixed allowances of provisions or food - especially for soldiers and sailors - civilians - during a shortage. Most people will never experience a time of rationing - a time of lack of enough for all. Some - in special circumstances - in wars - in natural disasters - will go without - receiving only the minimum of supplies - water - necessary to sustain life. During times of disaster - rationing done only until normal supplies are replenished - normal routes of delivery resumed. 

When God sends His blessings upon His people - no rationing occurs - His blessings - flow freely - upon all - whether they accept them or not. Renewed energy - healing - joy - peacefulness - comfort - poured freely - for all. Many will reject these blessings - refuse to acknowledge God's presence - failing to accept what is offered. For those of us who do acknowledge and receive - a burden placed upon us - to share the Good News - to proclaim to all - Jesus is Lord - God loves all - blesses all - enough for everybody. When asked how much He loves us - Jesus spread out His arms - and died.

Deacon Dale