Friday, April 24, 2015

Trail Mix

When most people think of trail mix - they think food - fruits and nuts - mixed together - snack food - party mix - energy food for hiking - outdoor activities. When I think of trail mix - I think of hiking trails in the mountains - desert - winding paths - uphill - downhill - through river beds - over boulders. Today my wife and I hiked the White Tank Mountains in Arizona - one trail after another - after another. There was a lot of ascents - descents - walking in sandy river beds - climbing over rocky boulders - seeking the trail path. On a number of occasions - sure we were lost - trail markers - few and far apart - not completely clear on the correct direction. After a lot of switch backs - trail reversals - trekking over lots of rocks in the path we finally finished. About 10 miles - over the course of 8 hours - much slower than we normally hike - stopped frequently so look at desert plants - observe the surprises and beauty - the desert holds.

When Jesus walked His trail - town to town - village to village - over rocky terrain - through sandy deserts - He experienced a lot of switch backs - changes in direction - in people lives. As He shared the Good News - lives transformed - paths - trails - mixed - altered - changed. As His disciples today - we are called to walk that same trail - to mix peoples lives with the goodness of God - the blessings of Jesus - to  share the wonders of life - to reveal that even in a personal desert - there is beauty - surprises mixed in the sand - mixed in lives. Jesus calls each of us - to mix it up - to become trail guides - leading others - to Christ.

Deacon Dale