Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Did It Hurt?

Did it hurt - a line used by men - women - when trying to introduce themselves to someone they wish to meet. When asked - did what hurt - the response - when you fell from heaven - indicating - that the person who asked the question thought the other person was beautiful - handsome - heaven sent. It is a funny line - has to make one laugh - a compliment paid - to create interest in the one asking. 

In Holy Scripture we never read if anyone asked Jesus - did it hurt. They knew - common knowledge - scourging - crucifixion - hurt - very painful. His disciples questioned Him - how was it possible that He was alive - how did He survive - never - did it hurt. Modern disciples - rarely ask - did it hurt. We know - we understand - we realize the pain Jesus endured for each of us. That is why we believe - why we worship - why we adore Him - the One who took all our sins upon Himself - who accepted death - death on a cross - for each of us. Because we know - we proclaim His death - His resurrection - His promises - to all we meet.

Deacon Dale