Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pilot Light

A pilot light is a small gas flame which serves as an ignition source for a more powerful gas burner. Originally - kept permanently alight - now - more common to light a burner electronically - only when needed. As a child when we entered a room and smelled gas - we knew the pilot light had gone out - needed to be safely re lit. With electronic ignition - the gas does not constantly flow - only when intentionally turned on - conserves gas - saves lives from unlit free flowing gas. Like many natural resources gas has the power to be friend or foe. It is up to us to see that it is used wisely - for the benefit of ourselves - others.

When God sent His only Son - Jesus - He intended Him to be His pilot light - the spark to ignite the fire of His love among His chosen people. Jesus came to start the fire - to fan the flames of faith - to draw the embers - growing dim - together as one body - in Christ. Just as kindle that has lost its flame - flickering itself into extinction - when mixed with other kindle - draws on the heat - the fire inside - to once again - glow with the light within - to become a fire burning brightly - so does Jesus draw us together - Christians around the world  - into one family of believers - creating a fire that cannot - will not be extinguished. We - the believers of today - are that flame - that fire - our flames burn brightly - to spread His message to the world. You are called - to burn brightly - to harness the power of God that is inside you - to radiate His love - to all you meet.

Deacon Dale