Saturday, April 18, 2015

Go West

Go West! - The opportunities are in the west - chances for a new start - begin over.  When life seems stuck - not going where we thought it would - time to pick up - start over. A friend of mine felt very frustrated a few years ago - with job - location - future possibilities - going nowhere quickly. Sharing his frustration with his employer - new opportunity laid before him - in front of his eyes - to go west. Fulfilling a life long dream to relocate to the west coast - a reality - definite possibility. Within months - plans finalized - move implemented. A visit with him recently - at his new home - found a very happy person. 

Jesus calls us to be alive - mobile - ready to spring into action. It is not just our spiritual life - also our daily life - where He wants us to be happy. Too often opportunities are laid before us - we miss - ignore - avoid - refuse to believe are possible. As people of faith - God expects - wants us to seize the day - the opportunities - for ourselves. We need to keep our eyes - ears - open to the possibilities before us. We need to walk in faith - knowing that God - calls us - to new adventures - with Jesus. 

Deacon Dale