Friday, April 3, 2015

What's So Good About Friday?

Good Friday - what makes the day of Christ's death "Good" - according to some the "Good" is an early English translation also meaning "Holy".  From Wikipedia we read that the etymology of the term "Good" in the context of Good Friday is contested - some claiming it is from the senses pious - holy - of the word "Good" - others contending it is a corruption of "God Friday" - the Oxford English Dictionary supporting the first etymology - meaning "of a day or season observed as holy by the Church - as an archaic sense ofgood - similar to ofgood tide meaning Christmas. In non-English speaking countries it is more commonly called by other names. 

No matter what anyone calls it - Good Friday - commemorates the day that Jesus - willing accepted death - death on a cross - that action usually reserved for criminals and serious offenders - for you - for me. The Gift of Salvation - made available to all - demanded that one offer a sacrifice - an ultimate sacrifice - for all of mankind. No one person - would be able to do this - so God's only Son - Jesus - accepted His Father's request to be that sacrificial lamb - offered once - for all. To all who accept Him - as Lord - Savior - we remember with sadness - that anyone should die for another's sins - in joy - we celebrate this awesome gift - freely offered by Jesus. Day two of the Triduum - we continue in this most holy trilogy of days. 

Deacon Dale