Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lost and Found

When I made the decision to live in Arizona for the winter months I knew that I would not be able to continue my diaconal ministry while in Arizona. The process to receive faculties - to function as a Catholic deacon - involves red tape - lots of red tape. The Church moves slowly when approving ministers from outside their boundaries - giving permission to function when visiting - relocating. For four months I have been the - man in the pew - observing other deacons - praying along with the local community.  This weekend - I visited a brother deacon in California - invited to serve Holy Mass at his parish - welcomed by his pastor. It felt very good to proclaim the Gospel - announce the prayers of the faithful - distribute the Body of Christ at communion. It felt like home - serving the people of God - at the altar - a ministry lost - newly found - hope regained.

The primary mission of Jesus - seeking the lost - those who had strayed - drifted away from His Father. In three short years He not only located the lost -attracted thousands away from lives lived poorly - to relationship with Him - with God. This Easter - Jesus again found new hearts to bring into His Church - new souls to save. As we continue our Easter celebration - we rejoice that we who were once lost - have been found - that others still - in this day - may also be found - for a new life in Christ. 

Deacon Dale