Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mighty Acts

There are acts - things accomplished - routine - normal - sometimes - not so normal - unusually cleaver - awesome - mighty acts - things beyond expectations. For the majority - expectations are that any task will be done - as usual - not out of the ordinary. Once in awhile - unexpected results surface - impressing almost everyone. The majority of the time we see what is routine - good works - done well - not outstanding - business as usual. To impress us would take an act of God or something else highly unusual.

Being told that you have been healed - cured of an incurable disease - a mighty act.  In today's scriptures Peter does just that - tells a cripple to get up - walk - go about life - healed - surprised the cripple - surprised everyone. As we journey through this season of Easter - we read scriptures from the Act of the apostles - acts done in the name of Jesus - acts done through confidence in God - not just acts - mighty acts - miracles. Today those mighty acts still happen - here and now - through faith in the risen Christ.  

Deacon Dale