Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday

Today the Church begins the Triduum - the three holiest days of the Christian year - Holy Thursday - Good Friday - Holy Saturday with the Easter Vigil. Three days in which we are asked to spend extra time reflecting on our personal relationship with God. Today the focus is on the beginning of the priesthood and Holy Eucharist. Two very significant events in Christian history. The celebration focuses on Holy Thursday Mass - held in the evening - parishioners gathered with pregnant expectation - the washing of the feet of the twelve - an inspiring homily in which the faithful are filled with the joy and wonder of the mystery of the Triduum.

Jesus continues to call each of us - closer to Him - closer to His Father - closer to the Holy Spirit. Time is running short - celebrate and rejoice tonight - tomorrow - a day of sadness - guilt - repentance. How will you spend these three Holy Days?

Deacon Dale