Sunday, March 22, 2020

All Eyes and Blind

Our eyes are one of the most interesting organs of the human body. From birth until maybe the age of 21 years our eyes continue to grow - increasing in size by only a few millimeters.  In appearance they appear to remain exactly the same size as birth - a few additional developments do occur - not visible to the naked eye.  With our eyes we can see almost all the colors of the rainbow - visual acuity - clarity - provide us with very clear vision - ability to see all of God's creation - the world around us.  Over time - issues may develop - our vision declines - the ability to see diminishes as we age.  In today's Scriptures the focus is on sight - not seeing as God sees - rather as humans tend to see - looking only on the surface - judging a book by its cover - failing to recognize the light of God - dwelling in the darkness of their sins - blaming an infirmity - blindness of an individual on their or their parent's sinfulness.

As Christians - as Children of God - Disciples of Jesus - we are called to see much deeper than our humanly vision allows us to see. We are asked to look into the hearts - souls of our fellow humans - to not judge by their outward appearance - to see in them - the person that God has created them - us - to be.  Casting aside our preconceived notions - prejudices - we are asked to see that all of us - are the same - seeking the same things - looking for that which fulfills.  On this Fourth Sunday of Lent - we are called to open our eyes to the great possibilities that exist among all people - to seek Jesus - in His Words.  This Sunday we will not find Him in Holy Eucharist - churches closed to all because of the current pandemic.  Denied meeting Him in Holy Communion - we must take in His Words - all that we see around us - to know that He - the Lord of Lords - the Author of Life - is with us.  In Faith - we see clearly - that - which we cannot see.

Deacon Dale