Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pool Party

Almost everyone loves a pool party - gathering with friends - enjoying - music - food - lively conversation - celebrating all the gifts that life gives us.  Sharing successes - hopes - best wishes for each other.  There is something special about water - people become energized when close to water - spirits lift - smiles grow across faces - joy bounds in hearts.  Once in the water - a feeling of comfort - surrounded by the warmth - coolness - the freedom that water provides.  Our bodies are mostly water - depending on age and gender - anywhere from 55% to 75% water.  It is the water in our bodies that facilitate so many body processes - keeping us healthy - refreshing our souls.

In today's Gospel Jesus comes across a man crippled - attempting to crawl into the pools at 
Bethesda near the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem. As the water would stir up - those in the pools - healed of their afflictions. Not a pool party as we call it - a party of people - all seeking the same thing - a better life - healed of their infirmities.  I have been at those pools - no longer filled with water - a dried memory of the history of that place - the Spirit of God - still strong - running freely - as water flows - among those now gathered in prayer - reflection.  As we continue through these days of Lent - the Elect - those looking forward to their baptism at Easter - now a questionable reality.  With no Easter Masses scheduled - when will they be renewed in the waters of baptism - when will we be renewed in our hearts - as we observe water being washed over their bodies?  Eventually - it will happen - at a day - a time when all will be healed.  Just as Jesus told the cripple - pick up your mat and walk - He tells us - be strong in faith - cast your fears aside - pick up your head - walk into your future.  He will be at our side.

Deacon Dale