Saturday, March 7, 2020

Drive Time

For most drive time usually refers to the time it takes on ones daily commute from home to work.  Including the number of stops - amount of vehicles on the road - the time of day - road conditions - construction delays - that time will vary for most.  Unless one works from home - drive time always a factor to ones daily routine. When we think about Lent - all that we should be doing - to make it a fruitful experience - there is a drive time even with this. When to start - how to start - where to start - home - church - in nature - alone - with others - all decisions that increase our Lenten drive time.

Once we get over that hurdle - we are able to format some solid plans on how to spend our time in Lent.  The secret - no wrong way - no correct way.  What ever - however - you choose - it is your Lenten experience and none others.  Now is the time to get into gear and begin.

Deacon Dale