Thursday, March 12, 2020

Trust In The Lord

It is printed on our money - In God We Trust - but do we really?  Trust is something that does not happen immediately - it is earned - gained - from experience.  Many people have difficulty trusting in God - past disappointments - ignored prayers - paradise gained - lost.  It is understandable why some have this feeling - losing loved ones - jobs - financial security.  Life is filled with so many variables - at any moment things can change from good to bad - vice versa.  God has blessed us with this Earth and all that is in it - He does not micro manage.  With His gift of Free Will - we affect many of the changes in our lives.  Taking the high road or the low - up to us - God blesses whichever route we take - up to us to make the most of the route we chose to follow.  If we choose wrongly - can always go back - make a new decision - follow a different route. When we think God failed us - vice versa - we failed ourselves.  Ignoring His clues - things placed before our eyes - our fault - not His.  When analyzing our failures - not because He wasn't trust worthy - rather the World - not God failed us.

Jesus had no choice but to trust in God - His Father.  There must have been times when He paused - questioned - placed His trust in His Father - who knows all.  His trust paid off - just as ours will. Trust in God is golden - a link between Him - us. In these days of Lent - in these days of concerns of the coronavirus - we place our trust completely in God.

Deacon Dale