Friday, March 13, 2020

Rolling With The Times

There are always a ton of distractions during Lent that get in the way of our best intentions - work - family - illness - emergencies - helping others.  It is inevitable - if it can go wrong - it will.  In spite of all this - doing Lent properly - still possible.  All it takes is minutes - not hours.  Prayer time does not have to be hours - minutes count - seconds matter.  What is important - prayer period.  The Sign of the Cross - a prayer. A quick Hail Mary - Glory Be - Our Father - prayers that carry more power than hours of words.  Jesus I Trust In You - speaks volumes.  

Life is filled with so many challenges - making time for faith matters - one of them.  Avoiding panic buying during virus pandemic - another.  If people would hoard up prayers as much as they hoard toilet paper - world would be in better shape than currently is.  This too - will pass - Heaven - will not.  Faith in self - others - Jesus - worth more than all the toilet paper in the world.  There are options to toilet paper - not to Jesus 

Deacon Dale