Friday, March 6, 2020

The Engine of Lent

Behind any project - program - there is always a driving force - the engine that gets it off the ground - sustains it for the length of the journey - safely brings it home.  Our home in Arizona is fairly close to Luke Air force Base.  It is not unusual to hear the F-35 jets from the base flying over head as they do routine practice runs. A few complain about the noise - the majority - thank those in charge for keeping this country safe.  In Lent the engine behind it all - prayer - prayer that gets you started - prayer that sustains - prayer that safely brings you home at night.

As I open my eyes each morning I say a brief prayer to God - to thank Him for another day to try. To try harder - to try more often - to try for more endurance - to try for peace.  As large as an F-35 is - as powerful a machine as it is - that power pales in comparison to the power of prayer.  With more than 40,000 pounds of thrust, it can propel the F-35 to speeds of about Mach 1.6 (1,200 mph; 2,000 kph).  Prayers to God fly so fast they are impossible to measure - faster than any F-35.  Prayers so powerful they have the thrust to propel an entire world closer to God than any machine can.  Prayers so gentle - they can soothe any broken heart.  Prayer is the engine that makes Lent happen - unleash the power of your prayers this Lent - you will not be disappointed.

Deacon Dale