Monday, March 9, 2020


Everyday we are told to fear something - be afraid - of the sun - the rain - the humidity - the flu - germs - violence - war - poverty - famine - God.  In the USA we are a people of fear - everyday we are warned about politicians who want to ruin this country - medical specialists who tell us to fear the newest virus - fear the loss of jobs - the decline in the economy.  All these do require that we pay attention - be informed - learn how to cope - roll with the punches - take preventative actions - to avoid bad situations.  Most of these are within our control - if we act wisely.  A few such as flu epidemics - the current COVID19 virus spreading around the world - out of our control - still within our own power to take action - to avoid - minimize effects.  
Fear of God is totally different - He only wants what is best for us.  In the old world use of the word fear it should replaced with the word - respect.  Respect the Lord God - His commands - respect what He asks - tells us.  Respect His Name - the name of Jesus - the Name above all Names.  We have the power to control all our fears - somethings we should fear - never - fear God - always - respect.  As we continue our walk through Lent - we continue to grow in our respect of the Lord Our God.

Deacon Dale