Friday, March 27, 2020

Just Another Friday

Yep - just another Friday - except - trapped in the house - no place to go - locked down - self isolating.  Not the first Friday for this experience - won't be the last.  From the articles I just read - it appears that we are in this virus lock down for multiple months - not weeks.  I know that many people are already getting anxious about this - however - there is no option.  If we as a nation are to survive this pandemic - then as a nation - we must stick together - cooperate with our governors - mayors - follow their guidelines.  

With Jesus - this is all possible.  Sure some changes have to be made - very limited time outside the home - running critical errands - milk and bread only good for so many days.  For us as Catholics - we need to look at this as a long Lent retreat - days in solitude - time to be alone with Jesus - walking in the desert.  For those with other family members - - need to utilize different rooms - give each person their own space - time to be alone.  Front porch - a private space - back yard - your private retreat - multiple possibilities exist.  Time with family - time alone - all gifts to be appreciated - as we isolate.  In Lent we seek Faith - in Jesus we Trust.

Deacon Dale