Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Keeping Faith

The majority of people have various levels of faith - about different things. Faith that their favorite sports team will win the game - faith that their family is a happy unit - faith that their job is safe - faith that so many things will remain the same - improve in the future.  Faith is an intangible thing that cannot be seen - felt.  Faith may be lost - gained - in a moment. In today's scriptures we are reminded - hear - observe the statutes - decrees - teach your children - honor - keep the commandments - life will go well.

Yes we are in unprecedented times - everyone concerned about Coronavirus - completely afraid - scared - some laughing at it as if it is a fake concern.  For the first time in our lives - church services cancelled - weekend Mass - banned - large groups discouraged. In all this we are still in the early weeks of Lent.  Even though we need to be concerned about the pandemic - we also need to be concerned about our spiritual lives. We cannot allow this virus to consume our every thought - we need to pray - trust in God that we will emerge from this season of Lent - stronger in our faith - trust in God.  Jesus is the ultimate physician - we pray that through Him - this world will be healed.

Deacon Dale