Saturday, March 28, 2020

Hide and Seek

I would guess that most people in my age group played the game of hide and seek when they were young.  Typically a group of children would gather together - select one to be - it - that person - close their eyes count to ten - the remaining kids - run and hide.  At the count of ten - the one person ran all over trying to find everyone in their hiding place.  Sometimes - very easy - other times - somewhat difficult.  Once everyone was found a new person selected to be - it - the game resumed - lasting for quite some time.  At times when seeking a place to hide - very difficult - those who lived on larger property - had numerous buildings - many more places to hide. 

In Lent there are always those who would rather hide from God - rather than seek Him out. Afraid of His opinion - fearing harsh judgement - rather run away from Him.  Lent is possibly one of the best times to run towards - not away from God.  In Lent so many - praying - fasting - doing charitable deeds - seeking His forgiveness - looking everywhere they can think of - to seek - find Him.  Truth be told - He is always there - at one's side - never any father away - than the distance of our mind to our heart.  One only needs to open one's eyes - ears - mouth - to look for the signs that He is near - to hear His comforting words - to speak your desire for Him.  Jesus is there - waiting - for you to make your move.  He is not running away - hiding from you - rather - He seeks you with arms open wide.

Deacon Dale