Wednesday, March 4, 2020

And Again...

Interruptions - can't live with them - can't live without them.  Best plans of mice - men - adults - children - shattered by the smallest details.  My plan for Lent - daily blogs - awesome plan - bested by a bitty bug - down - out of commission - for three days.  Now trying to get back into the daily stream.  It is the little things that mess up so much.  Urgent Care - ER - Doctor visit - start one drug - change it - change it again - but the dance goes on.  As usual - distraction after distraction in this game of life.  Spring Training just started for all the pro baseball teams - they too - making adjustments - altering plans - perfecting what they hope will be a winning team during this six week period.  For Christians everywhere - Lent is our Spring Training.   Similar to baseball - Lent gives us six weeks to prepare for the big game - the Paschal Triduum - the three holiest days of the Christian calendar.

Train we must - daily prayers - time away from distractions to meditate - altering plans to make space for giving alms - assistance to others. This is Lent - we do it one day at a time - not always a daily event when stuff happens - but - still - we do Lent.  NO ifs or buts - we do Lent.

Deacon Dale