Sunday, March 8, 2020

Beloved Sons and Daughters

Most parents will proudly say that their sons - daughters - highly loved - very happy with the people they have grown to be.  The constant sharing of photographs - stories - about this accomplishment or another - flowing freely from their mouths in an endless stream of praise.  As parents - that is what we do - boast about our offspring - their accomplishments become ours - rightly so - as we are the first teachers of our children.  When asked many years ago - a group of high school youth asked to say who their favorite hero was - a few mentioned Michael Jordan - others mentioned other favorite actors - athletes.  Surprisingly - the majority mentioned - their parents.  

It is no surprise that God would be so proud of Jesus - His Beloved Son - the Savior of the World.  In today's Gospel we heard about the transfiguration of Jesus before Peter - James - John - up on the mountain top. I have been at that very location numerous times now - each visit - one of wonder and awe.  Although we could not experience what Peter - James - John experienced - we could put ourselves in their place - physically - even for a few minutes.  In those minutes feeling in a similar way what God felt about Jesus - the way we feel about Jesus - as Lord - of all.  In Lent - we seek these same feelings - through prayer - meditation - sharing with others.  Through all of Lent we seek to become - His beloved children.

Deacon Dale