Thursday, March 26, 2020

Stir Crazy

In this morning's scripture in Exodus we read how the Lord was instructing Moses to go to the people who he had led out of Egypt who had become bored - unhappy with their circumstances - making a molten calf - turning away from God.  This resonates with many of us today - especially those who are sheltering in place - quarantined in our homes - waiting for the issue with the coronavirus to calm down.  Obviously being bored - trapped - unhappy with the current situations in one's life - nothing new - exclusive for any of us.  As we stay sheltered in our homes - have we turned away from - closer to - Jesus?  Have we used any of this new found free time to talk to God - to consider our spiritual lives?

Yes boredom can be a serious issue - something to contend with - to overcome - to avoid going stir crazy - giving in to unnatural ways of thinking - acting.  We need to constantly remind ourselves that this is Lent - a time set aside - to be quiet - to reflect - to spend more time in quiet with God.  There is an abundance of live stream - online resources - available that will nurture our spirits - souls.   Daily Mass - Stations of the Cross - recorded and live Homilies - Sermons - Bible Studies - to keep our minds active - connected to God.  All are available - twenty-four hours a day - day in and day out.  This time - trapped in our homes - a gift - of sorts - a time to relax - calm down - to draw closer to the God who loves us - who heals us - who comes to us in the quiet moments of our lives.   Jesus is there - with you - seeking to stir up your spirit - to see in these days of isolation - how crazy He is for you.

Deacon Dale