Thursday, March 19, 2020


Depending where you live you may be experiencing a lot of cloudy days or as we are in Arizona - mostly sunny days.  Our time out here this year has been very different from previous years - cooler than normal - more rain days - lower activity level.  For the most part - even when temperature is lower - there is still a lot of sun.  The sun not only gives us brighter days - also adds to the comfort when outside.  Sunlight - everywhere - a gift to almost everyone - boosting one's mood.  Arizona seems to have a lot more happy people than other parts of  the country - possibly due to the fact that there is constant sun.  No seasonal affective disorder here - happiness prevails among most.  

In these days of Lent as we reflect on our lives - what we have done - things ignored - what we should have done - things we could have done - those that we might do - we pause and ask - was that selfish - sinful.  The answer depends on you - the situation - circumstances.  So many of us tend to beat ourselves up - not helping enough - not spending enough time in prayer - not fasting as often as others.  As we reflect on all these concerns - we look to the Son - the light He brings into our lives.  God did not create us so that we would be unhappy - sad.  Rather as Jesus reminds us - He came that we might have life and live it to the fullest.  Even when the days are cloudy - God sends the Light of Jesus to each of us - reminding us to rejoice - to bathe ourselves in His Son's light.

Deacon Dale