Thursday, March 5, 2020


You can find signals all around us - stop and go signal lights - roadway flashing lights signaling caution ahead - hand signals between people - gestures to aide communication when audible conversation is not possible - facial expressions - signs of approval - disapproval - panting - animal sounds by our pets - all designed to improve understanding between others.  When communication is accomplished - many things happen.
In Lent we receive signals to help us through this special season.  The Sign of the Cross - a signal that prayer is beginning or ending - pausing to kneel - indicating that one is setting oneself aside for personal quiet time - closing our eyes - pushing out the signals of the world - allowing time for God.  Often we are sent signals from God - in our haste - signals missed.  In Lent we need to learn to distinguish from all the signals that our eyes - ears -  minds receive - to learn to recognize those sent by God - once learned - then to follow them - closer to Him - closer to His Son Jesus.

Deacon Dale